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Non Stop Future

New Practices in Art and Media

Non Stop Future Cover

Editors: Branka .ur.i., Zoran Panteli. / New Media

Published 2008

Publisher: Revolver - Archiv für aktuelle Kunst

ISBN: 978-3-86588-455-8

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List of Contributors

Clemens Apprich
philosopher and political theorist, Vienna, Austria

Konrad Becker
Institute for New Culture Technologies/t0, Vienna, Austria

Franco Berardi Bifo
philosopher and political activist, Bologna, Italy

Paulina Borsook
author and researcher on the development of netculture, Santa Cruz, United States

Andreas Broeckmann
Art scholar, curator, lives in Berlin. 2000-07 artistic director of transmediale

Critical Art Ensemble
Artist Collective, United States

Branka Curcic
New Media, Novi Sad, Serbia

Erik Davis
writer, culture critic and independent scholar, San Francisco, United States

Manuel de Landa
writer, artist and philosopher, New York City, Unites States

Matthew Fuller
artist and member of Mongrel, London, England

Graham Harwood
artist and member of Mongrel, London, England

Brian Holmes
art critic, theorist and activist, Paris, France

Patricia Köstring
Independent writer and culture critic, Vienna, Austria

Steve Kurtz
Critical Art Ensemble, United States

Lawrence Liang
researcher with Alternative Law Forum, Bangalore India

Karin Liebhart
University of Vienna, Austria

Geert Lovink
Media theorist and activist, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Katharina Ludwig
political scientist, Vienna, Austria

Lev Manovich
University of California, San Diego, United States

Oliver Marchart
philosopher and political theorist, Luzern, Switzerland

Lisa Mayr
political scientist, Vienna, Austria

Eben Moglen
Columbia University, New York City, United States

Chantal Mouffe
University of Westminster, London, England

Sjoera Nas
digital civil rights advocacy, Amsterdam

Zoran Pantelic
New Media, Novi Sad, Serbia

Marko Peljhan
artist and activist, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Sadie Plant
author and philosopher, Birmingham, England

Gerald Raunig
European Institute for Progressive Cultural Policies/eipcp, Vienna, Austria

Saskia Sassen
London School of Economics, England

Florian Schneider
author, net activist and movie producer, Munich, Germany

Pit Schultz
author, artist and computer professional, Berlin, Germany

Jason Skeet
Association of Autonomous Astronauts, Inner City AAA

Dejan Sretenovic
chief curator, Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade, Serbia

performance artist, West Melton Victoria, Australia

Felix Stalder
sociologist and media researcher, Vienna, Austria

Bruce Sterling
author, journalist and critic, Pasadena, United States

Vera Tollmann
curator and writer, Berlin, Germany

Martin Wassermair
Institute for New Culture Technologies/t0, Vienna, Austria

Francisco de Sousa Webber
Institute for New Culture Technologies/t0, Vienna, Austria

Katharina Wegan
Historian, Vienna, Austria

Faith Wilding
artist, writer and educator, Chicago, United States

Peter Lamborn Wilson aka Hakim Bey
writer, essayist and philosopher, New York City, United States

Work Group on "Cultures of Electronic Networks"
Cultural Competence, International Conference, Linz, Austria